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PLC Programming and Robot Programmer

At the end of a constant upgrades to the maintenance of expertise at the forefront of technology, IRIS is focusing on developing technology solutions for other engineering companies and in general for any company that is not technically able to make the necessary last amended in its facilities or is no longer in a position to contact the manufacturers of machinery or plant to change.

Our services(*) are:

PLC Programming
Siemens PLC Programming
Omron PLC Programming
AB Allen-Bradley - Rockwell PLC Programming

Programming Industrial Robots
ABB Robot Programming
Comau ABB Robot Programming
KUKA ABB Robot Programming
Fanuc ABB Robot Programming

Vision Systems
Development of Vision Systems and Robot Guidance

Electrical Design
Designing with SPAC
Designing with Eplan

Mechanical Design
Designing with Autodesk Autocad 2D
Designing with Autodesk Inventor

The IRIS also offers a wide range of spare parts for industrial automation and process control.

(*) Some of these services may be subcontracted to external providers. For more information see the section "Legal Informations".