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Packaging plants with machine vision systems "IRIS SPEED"

Packaging robot with machine vision system This packaging plants are designed to meet the packaging needs of companies operating in various production sectors. They adapt easily to the demands of industry:
    Cardboard (boxes, packaging)

The packaging plants with machine vision systems are fully automatic and can operate independently without the supervision of any operator. The packaging plants are extremely flexible because composed of modular elements that allow, depending on the type of installation, the management from one to an unlimited number of cells placed in series. The packaging plants with machine vision systems come with one, two or more cameras that allow control both of the incoming product (position, speed, direction, etc.) and of containers (trays, boxes, thermo-formed, etc.).

Software for packaging robot with machine vision sistem The choice of production formats is made directly on the workstation connected to the robot, in simple and intuitive way, thanks to packaging software IRIS SPEED PACK ver. 1.3. The operator can choose in few seconds one of a tens of thousands of formats included in the database: the extreme rapidity of exchange-format make our packaging plants suitable to the management of small batch production. Moreover, with a few simple steps, you can quickly introduce new formats: one of the main tasks of the software is to optimize and simplify (through procedures for self-learning) the definition and recognition of various types of products and of containers in which they must be placed. At the same time and in fully automated and transparent way, the software takes care of calculating the trajectories of the robot, the optimization of the path (even depending on possible conveyor tracking) and the determining the most appropriate location to the filing. In the case of presence of multiple packaging workcells in series, the software also optimizes the picking of the individual robot in order to ensure maximum plant efficiency by an appropriate product distribution between the various workcells.
All this makes the packaging robot with machine vision systems easy to use, even by a person not particularly prepared from a technical point of view.
All the packaging robot with machine vision systems are also equipped with a self-diagnosis software for instant recognition of any failure or refusal to production cycle: at the appearance of a failure, the operator is warned by a notification sound and on display appear a message that describe the failure.

Upon request, our packaging plants with machine vision systems can be equipped with:
    Special lighting systems
    Self-levelling system based on product height
    Custom grippers for the packaging robot
    Custom options into programs and add-on devices
    Transporters and their equipments

Our packaging plants are on the high end of its category, despite the price low and extremely competitive.

Technical data indicative of our packaging plants with machine vision systems




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