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Palletizers "IRIS PAL XY" - Palletizing System

industry automatic palletizer Our robot palletizers designed to meet the needs of storing for companies operating in various production sectors. Our robot palletizing adapts easily to the demands of industry, for exsample:
   Palletizers Robot palletizers for food industry
   Palletizing Robot palletizing for automotive industry
   Automatic Palletizers Automatic palletizers for chemical industry
   Robotic Palletizing Robotic palletizing for pharmaceutical industry
   industry Palletizer Palletizer for metalworking industry
   industry robotic palletizer Robot palletizer for mining industry
   industry robot palletizing Automatic palletizers for petrochemical (flamproof plants)
   industry automatic Palletizer Robotic Palletizer for textile industry
    Palletizers for cardboard packaging (boxes, packages)

Our palletizerare fully automatic and can operate independently without the supervision of any operator. Our palletizers is extremely flexible because it consists modular components that allow, depending on the type of installation, the management from a maximum of five lines of input (X parameter) and its palletizing on a maximum of five lines of output (Y parameter).
The palletizers then adapts to the specific needs of end-line plants of each manufacturing company, allowing to palletizing boxes, parcels, bags, paper rolls, panels and any other product that can be palletized.

Software for the industry robotic palletizing The formation of the layer comes directly on the position of palletizing, using the format choiced by the operator and in simple and intuitive way, thanks to palletizing software IRIS PALLET ver. 2.1. Through a mobile console, you can choose, in a few seconds, the cycle of palletizing and the composition of the layer, which can be selected from over ten million of choices. Thus stoping production for exchange-format will be reduced to no more than a few seconds, making the palletizer suitable also to the management of small batch production. You can also introduce a new format via the self-composition or merely "drawing" the layout of the boxes on the layer and display it on the monitor in 3D graphics.
All this makes the robot palletizer easy to use, even by a person not particularly prepared from a technical point of view. The palletizers is equipped with a self-diagnosis software for instant recognition of any failure or refusal to production cycle: at the appearance of a failure, the operator is warned by a notification sound and on display appear a message that describe the failure.

Our palletizers can be fitted, at request, with:
    Module for automatic inter-layer sheet load*
    Automatic distributor of pallets (pallet unstacking - empty pallets stack)*
    Pallet base-sheet loader*
    Custom options into software and add-on devices
    Transporters and relatives equipments
    Product recognition by barcode or machine vision systems

Our automatic palletizers is on the top of technology, despite the price low and extremely competitive.

Indicative technical data of our robotic palletizing products




Pallet maximum size (L x W x H)



Pallet minimum size (L x W)



Palletizing top speed

boxes per hour


Exchange-pallet time



(*) These options can be introduced directly on the robot gripper of our palletizers or by add-on modules.