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Packaging plants with machine vision systems

Packaging with machine vision systems

Packaging plants with machine vision systems wich achieve high rates of work, up to 120 pieces/min.

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Robot palletizer IRIS-PAL

Palletizing robot

Robot palletizer IRIS PAL is a system flexible, modular, designed to fit the palletization needs of each company...

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The IRIS Srl was marked in the years to produce quality robotic plants in various industrial sectors.
The range of our products (from automation, to robotics, to machine vision systems) is wide as our customer base, because we realize automation based on the needs of companies that come to us.
The introduction of IRIS Srl technology (which has always components of the best producers in the world, such as ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Comau, Motoman, Denso and others) helps companies to cut production costs and to maximize profitability and production efficiency, improving, at the same time, working conditions of their employees.

Some of IRIS Srl products...